Tuesday, 16 February 2010

These jeans were made to fit me....and that's just what they'll do....either these will fit me or I'll walk all over you! (with my layers of fat)

My jeans don't fit and I have nothing to wear! What the hell is with me? I have no will power whatsoever, may as well make me twice as big now, I deserve it. What happened? Next year I demand there will be no Christmas, before that things were going okay, I was incredibly naive however at least I was happy. Now losing however many lbs seems impossible, I simply need to regain control and re-start this whole experience. Which means for the rest of the day I'm going to try and start eating "normally" ekkk! I don't think there's such a thing anymore.

Apparently it takes 20 minutes after eating to realise how full you are, which means you could have a full stomach and still be stuffing your face! Yuck.

All I want is to look smoking hot in some short-shorts for the summer. That is my aim.

Wish me luck for fitting into my jeans (: xxx
Stay stronger then me, please, I wouldn't wish this anguish on anybody!


  1. Don't worry, this phase will pass!
    Eat really healthy stuff for a few days: fruits, veggies . . . protein, fiber . . . Just good stuff. You'll feel better and it will be easier to cut out junk food after you've gotten it all out of your system.

  2. i agree with emma, a few days to a week on a all fruit and vegg diet will help you fit back into those jeans in no time.i know you can get back on track in time to fit into those shorts for summer!
    stay strong

  3. i agree with both of the above! You got this. It's jsut willpower and keeping your goals in your head at all times. Sometimes just staying clear of alcohol and pot and things that dull the senses can help a lot! good luck little lady :)