Thursday, 4 March 2010

Here I am, all or nothing.

There's no explanation for why I've been away so long, some way along the line it just seemed to be a bit late to re-blog although I'm now back with more opinions then ever.

The reasoning for this post...

I was left in the kitchen in a complete panic; all we have left in the cupboard isn’t what you would exactly call healthy. All I did was burst into tears, most of my family was around me so it wasn’t the best time to have a break down. There’s no longer a part of me that is driven towards being thin, yet at the same time I cannot live being fat a moment longer. I have no where to go and no one to talk to, this thought brought up the memory of a blog I’ve been neglecting. It’s strange, the more I eat the less I blog, something about me just screams guilty all the time. Yet somehow blogging has been known to put me off from eating. So here I am, everything I will ever be has to revolve around so unknown glory of thinness I can never reach, meaning, I will forever want to be thin and I’ll never have the restraint to do so.
All things included, its my person belief to start blogging again, I see no alternative. For this, I am truly sorry if everyone’s lost faith in me, believe me when I say I understand. Although nothing gets me through the day like the support I get on this blog.

A few things I’ve discovered from my absence….
You can burn around 300-400 calories from a brisk walk, this walk has to last an hour though.
Skipping is an amazing exercise if you don’t want to go outside.
I hate being cold, even if it make me thinner. There’s something in my blood that… let’s just say doesn’t like the cold as this causes bad skin reactions and blood flow problems.
My friends eat way too much.
And a few other things ;)

From my last post the comments really help, so I'm going to their advice and gradually move towards perfection istead of diving in at the deep end. For the rest of the week I'll keep it under 500. At least 300-500 calories burnt off a day with exercise and absolutely no more alcohol!

Oh and no idividual food over 150 calories, one type of food, that many calories!? wtf, no way.

Thinking thin
Aimee x

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