Tuesday, 23 March 2010

She's fattening me up

It's decided. My friend is trying to make me gain weight, I swear she is. Sometimes there's nothing I can do about it either, because when my stomachs growling and I'm feeling faint all it takes is for someone to ask if I want to share their lunch and I'm a gonna.
Every couple of days she'll bring me in a 'treat' and of course she be in a mood with me if I reject it. My biggest fear is that she's fattening me up so she looks thinner. I don't want to sound vain and paranoid, but a part of me doesn't know how to trust her.
The two of us were talking about our plans for the summer and she kept enthusing how she definitely wasn't going to wear shorts, when really that's all I want to do. I'll have to make myself more apparent to her, stick up for myself, for once.
The only thing I feared about losing weight was losing my boobs, it sounds strange but I feel completely unfeminine without them, I simply have to realise being thin will make me happiest of all and I can always fake the boobs.
Stay strong


  1. water bra's and padded push-up bra's are an ana's best friend lol. losing your boobs sucks, i went from a 36 b to a 34 a so i completely understand.
    stay strong

  2. agree with the bra statement
    and you can do it!
    you're your own person!

  3. Oh Aimee I love you!!! You're doing so well and I love your super feisty attitude to this losing weight game. Friends and food can be so annoying. My friend keeps insisting that she feed me blueberry muffins. Arrghhh. She's so trying to make me fat! Don't worry about your boobs. Eat well and be well and you won't lose too much of them. (Says she who has no boobs! lol) Whatever you're doing - it's working.

    I love love love your blog and all the sexy thinspo.

    Stay strong! Keep blogging!!

    Holly x x x

  4. I can relate. When my friends have told me that I'm "getting too thin" or "losing too much weight", I think that they're saying that because they don't want me to become thinner than them.
    Stay strong

  5. ur friend.. re-label her 'frenemy.' and boobs? i love them, but thin is greater than boobs. there is a reason for push ups ;)