Thursday, 29 October 2009

Counting the days

I've eaten average today, had 1/3 plate of homemade curry(extremely low calories), it was really yummy. I've tried to avoid things like curry because of all the ingredients packed in, although this one was really quite basic yet delicous. I also went into town and laughed my ass off for the first time in a long time. It was nice, carefree. Until I ate a few mc donald chips. Yuck. I'm so fustrated with myself! As well as 1/2 a mc flurry! Arrr. I can't believe I did that. So tomorrow I'm going on a fast, my first official fast. I'm not feeling too well so I'll blame it on that. I'm really quite excitted to be honest, I have fasted before although not on purpose:( I'm getting there though. Its such an inspiration reading other people's blogs and seeing they can fast for days straight! They should be proud they're in more control then I'll ever be.

I'll just have water, gum(don't count gum calories, its my treat) and maybe a coffee or something just to keep me going. If I want to start fasting days at a time, I'll have to work out new goals, things that I'm alowed to have when fasting and things I completley avoid.

Sooo today averages out at like a billion calories, okay, okay. 1100, which is my maximum.


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