Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Maths...oh no.

This is ridiculous, I said to myself in maths today. First, it was an exam. Second, I was struggling, staring down at a near empty sheet. Thirdly, my stomach wouldn't shut up. All through the class people were staring at me, even Mr up his ass(Sir) was! For Christ sake. It didn't even feel that bad, it was just so noisy!Anyways, today's been quite good, although I always snack at night, loads. I hate it. It puts all my hard work to shame, I feel awful. I've got a big cooking class soon, will people notice, I keep asking myself.Hopefully not, but I'll be careful.

Today was alright, I suppose, ate a bananan for breakfast and an apple for lunch. Spag bol for tea, I couldn't help it though, my mum got all "worried" for fck sake! Oh, and a cuppa. :(

xoxo I keep on hoping...

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