Friday, 23 October 2009

Today was...

I'm going to be honest, today was crap. Absolute crap. Its as if everyone decided to be bitchy today........arrrrr, so irritating. Not only that but I had a school parents day, the teachers sugguest I do more lunchtime classes and afterschool sessions. I just sat there, with a look of, as if, on my face. Lets just ruin the small bit of free time I have left. Yey.
Half term next week, couldn't really give give a damn though. :/ Judging on today...
God I moan so much! At least I won't have to see all those teachers...they're all such bores!
Though I think I've been quite good today, eating wise, so far...nothing. I'll have to eat something for tea, unfortunately my mum's got this 'make your own pizza' idea for tea. Although making your own pizza is a lot healthier then buying from the store I guess, I'll be as good as possible. Promise.

xoxo Wish me luck

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