Monday, 9 November 2009

1 biscuit...2 biscuits...3...

I managed to skip breakfast and most of my lunch today, that's one of the things I love about mondays, the weekend is over, by monday I'm back in control. I say that now, who knows what I'll binge on later.

Lunch was just an apple and a bite of a cereal bar. At the minute I always seem to eat without actually giving myself permission to do so. My friend offered me one of her mini maryland cookies today. I ate it straight away. Then I thought, what the hell are you doing?

For dinner it was mince and dumplings, luckily I'm not a huge fan of this particular meal. I ate the carrots and one piece of brockerly. 1 boiled potato (WTF?? I don't even like that type of potato. I think it was boiled at least. It wasn't roast potato or mash. It deffinately wasn't new potato) ohh, and a forkful of cabbage. Not too bad. I did however, eat most of the mince and a 1/3 of the dumpling. I don't really like them yet my mum was eying my plate suspicously. Normally I wouldn't care. Since my dad moved away my plate has always been piled with the most food, this is because my mum is on a diet. She has been for like three years now, so I always eat more then her.

I'm also the oldest of my siblings, the result of all these facts means my plate usually starts with having the most amount of food on.(Sighs) Unlike previously though, I now don't eat half the food on the plate. Yey!

God my mum's such a hypercrite! This morning while I was sorting out my (fake) lunch box, filled with biscuits, an apple, crisps, a sandwich and a yogourt. And she starts saying hows she noticed I haven't been eating breakfast lately. I cooly say I just don't have time in the mornings. Conversation ends. I felt like saying, well you don't!

I haven't exercised at all today, I have walked around a lot though. I've just been really busy today. Loads of homework that I should have done weeks ago has finally caught up with me.

Anyways total calories for today is...

snacks at school=150 calories

dinner=370? calories

So far thats 520. Not too bad, I'll ruin it tonight though. I'll give myself a spare 200 calories because we all know I'll use them. I shouldn't say things like that but biscuits are my weakness. I try my hardest not to eat them for everyone craving to be thin.

Anyways, stay strong. Think as thin as you desire.
xoxo wish me luck with the biscuits.


  1. haha 520 is awesome!! i'm so proud of you :)
    and i could live with 1100, but unfortunately i still had to eat dinner with the family, so i'm just going to count the weekend as 2 2000 days and start from scratch. good luck w/ the hw...i'm writing an essay on the political ideas of hobbes and locke..and driving my brain in circles in the process because half of it is philosophy about the state of nature lol. bewarned...there a tons of bad swearies in my posts.
    also, the thing i hate most about the cookie was that i could have baked an even better one myself, with half the calories. this is why i almost never eat processed foods like that. see what i get when i do?

  2. Mondays rock. I always feel like its a new start! Who cares what I ate last week? Let's do better this week! Yes! haha. Best of luck to ya chick!