Thursday, 5 November 2009

"Hands up who hasn't eaten breakfast today."

I ate today :( I depend on skipping breakfast and lunch in the day, have 1/2 my dinner if I absolutely have to, and a small snack 1-2 times during week days. And I have to admit, going to school really helps with this plan. I can eat anything if there's nothing to eat, can I?
Although something happened yesturday, I got my period. My first one since I started this and it didn't go well. Usually when I'm on my period I crave chocolate, sweets, biscuits, you get the point. Yet yesturday I just craved food. Anything I could get my hands on.
Today was very much the same, I had a handful of grapes 50, 1/2 an apple 50-ish and 1/2 a cereal bar 35! That as well as 1/2 a bowl of spag bol, 200-ish. Ohh, and a cuppa. 50 cals. All together that totals 385. Grr-eat! NOT! I only hope I don't binge later. Fingers crossed.

Ohh, also yesturday I had a science class. Your thinking, average, right? No such luck. We had to weigh ourselves, in front of everyone! We were trying to see how much pressure we put on the floor. It involves weight, balance and foot size. Well I'm a fat, clumsey person with small feet. Things didn't go well. At least now I know how much I weigh. 46 kg. I'm not sure how to turn that into pounds, but it isn't sounding good. :(

I had a cooking class today arrr!
Mrs snobby started: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it breaks the fast. Clues in the name. Just think, the last time you probably ate was dinner time last night. If you didn't eat breakfast then by now you've gone 17 hour without eating."

"Score!" I thought (silently).

"You wouldn't starve your pet that long, would you? 1/9 teenagers skip breakfast."

"Its way more then that!" I thought again.

"Hands up who hasn't eaten breakfast today."

3 people raised there hands. No way was I going to admit it. I just sat there quietly, looking down at my sheet.

Anyways I better go, loads of school work to do, due for tomorrow!
Oh and will people pleaseeeeee follow me. I need some people to talk to.
Eat less, feel skinny.
Wish me good luck!
xoxo Stay strong


  1. 46kg = 101 lbs. How tall are you?

    And next time I make a post on my blog, I'll link to yours. : P I really enjoy your blog and don't see how I'm the only follower. D:

  2. im so glad you like my blog!! and i would love to be friends with you :)
    385 is nothing. in fact it is a quite beautiful number, compared to the crap ive been eating. and 46 kg is v. v. small. in fact, my goal is 100 lbs. whats yours?

  3. haha thanks for the support =)
    and yeah, 46 kg = 101.4 lbs. personally i like round, easy numbers, so my first goal was 115, then 110, then 105 and finally 100. and i probably drink wayy too much coffee. in fact, i know i do lol