Monday, 11 January 2010

2468...lets go!

Yet another day off school, this is now a whole week off school as well as the holidays. Can't I have a social life? Can't I get away from all this food?! All the food tormenting me, beconing me with its finger.
Moving on to better topics...
I've decided to just go for the 2468 diet, for two weeks. I'll also come up with a workout routine and stop being such a lazy ass. So what if its cold, I can deal. Stay tuned...
The most visable bones I have are probably my colarbones or hips, I love it! Bones are just so beautiful, I can't imagion something thats worth fighting harder for. Beautiful. They don't cling to your body the way fat does, bones shape you.

Stay strong.


  1. I'm with you there on the social life. I know i don't have one! Hah
    Wooo! I love my collarbones ^-^ my hips are started to poke out. I'm loving it :]
    Good luck with 2468! I've heard its super effective. If you want a challenge do 0246 :D
    Stay strong

  2. Oooh good luck with the 2468, you can do it! Definately keep updating about how it's going :) I'm interested to hear because it's something I'm thinking of doing in the future.

    Stay strong lovely!