Sunday, 17 January 2010

Always turning a blind eye.

Yesterday I had an epiphany, I turn a blind eye to almost everything. I do it intentionally, as if it's easier to ignore some things then deal with them. Which is stupid because it's all just going to catch up with me one day and hurt me more. I won't go into details but I found something out about my friends that I realised I've always known, and I felt really upset, which turned to anger. I challenged that anger into exercise and dancing crazy around the house, and haven't felt hungry all day. So I'm kinda glad I was upset. Weird? ...
And another thing (sorry if it feels like I'm ranting), this lad I've known for years, who in the past has properly like me, told me to order a size large or extra large coat. WTF? Em try size small, jack-ass. I'll prove him wrong.
So what?! My friend can do whatever she likes, lets see the look on her face in a few months when I'm skinny. She can shove that smirk where the sun don't shine!
I had to eat dinner today, carrots with potato and a bit of Yorkshire pudding, partly because of my mum and also because I really want to stay true to the 2468 diet to see how it goes. I'm not sure if it's going as successfully as I'd of wished, so I may turn the plan into a 2, 4, 6, 8, fast diet for the next week.

Stay strong, I wish balloons could float us away. x


  1. Don't worry about your friends, I have this kind of epiphanies all the time. You get used to it.
    As for the 2468, on a second thought, I'll do it in your way and see how it goes.
    By the way, I was thinking about some of us to start a diet on the same day and eat EXACTLY the same food and see if the diet is really good for everybody or just for some girls, and why it works with some girls and not other etc...

    This might help everybody!
    What do you think?!

  2. Thats a great stress reliever too, workingout instead of moping! 2468 works pretty well, just don't be too hard on yourself, its rather hard to stick with

  3. Hey hun,
    don't worry about that friend of yours, once your skinny mini then they'll see.
    That's how i'm always thinking about it :D
    And that starting a diet all together by "Getting Closer" sounds like a great idea, then when you go to eat we'll all just think we're letting the team down so we won't!
    Stay strong

  4. thanks for the advice! =]

    you can do it. you can show them you're gonna be skinnier than them! ahh, i love a challenge. stay strong.


  5. i also dont eat when im upset - its the good thing about shit situations. when my bf broke up with me i didnt really eat for about a week, then just as i was starting back on food, his ex posted a photo of the two of them together on facebook - my heart sunk, and the starving returned..... shit in so many ways, but good in one small, tiny way.