Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Day....Hooray!

Today is a new day. Woke up and stared out of my window, all I could see was white, so beautiful. Because of all the snow school was canceled and again tomorrow, which at the beggining I loved though now I'm bored, possibly a great time to excercise, maybe I'll take a walk in the snow...
Yesturday I did eat my dinner, I've got to be honest, I wasn't forced, I could have easily thrown it in the trash. By trying to avoid suspicion from my mum, I'm allowing myself to eat, saying to myself "She might notice if I don't eat it, I may as well eat it, why not?" Which is total bull because she probably wouldn't notice anyway.
Trying to find some amazing thinspo music, any suggestions? I really want some music I can blast at full volume on my iPod while ignoring everything that is, including my hunger.

Gabbie. Thanks for the advice, I must admit that's a great idea. I'm aiming towards size 8 which would be US size 4, that would be wonderful.

Oh, I found some crackers which are only 15 calories each, how great is that? Today's total so far is a cup of grapes, so yummy, probably a few crackers within an hour or so.

Some of you may noticed, I've created an email addy, so feel free to add me, I'd love some ana buddies to chat to. On there I can give you my mob number as well if you like.

Jessica Stroup is fabulously thin don't you think? Amazing thinspiration to me, even thinner then she was before, even though she did used to be a bit big before that.

Stay strong x

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  1. I really like listening to heavy metal because it kinda blocks out everything for me. Especially from first to last.. listen to their song "world war me" :] very thinspirational. i also like the bands, three days grace, escape the fate.. bands like that. another good song is courage by superchick for when you feel like giving up. :] hope u enjoy them