Sunday, 17 January 2010

Stupid me

How the hell have I not been getting enormously fat every single day? I had to have a huge group of girls in my p.e. class today argue about anorexia to explain things to me. Fml.

"...the more calories you eat, the more energy you have, but sometimes people don't burn off what they eat, this means they become...?" sir asked
"fat!" one girl shouted out.
"over-weight" sir corrected.
"sir, what about anorexics?" a stupid brat asked.
"well they don't eat as much as their bodies need, and what they do eat, they burn off through intense exercise."
"yeah but what about their water-weight? don't they starve themselves but don't lose weight because their body builds up water weight."
hmm...really I thought.
"actually, they usually work that off too."
hooray I cheered...silently in my head of course.

It was then we began working out, and I work really hard for around 30 minutes on the tread-mill and only burned of 200. Where have I been for the past few months? I'm a pathetic person.



  1. You're not pathetic at all! It's great that you did that, I can't bring myself to exercise sometimes! :S You'll burn more through cardio dance workouts though, they are more fun too! Good luck, stay strong!

  2. your not pathetic! your hard on yourself that's all, and that's a strength, its a sign of self will and motivation.
    definetly not pathetic.

    o and water weight? i've never heard that before!

  3. Your not pathetic dear. Its called constructive critisizm. which is A-okay! :] sorry its been a while i missed you! hope you're doing great!