Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Burning calorie options...

So far so good, no calories yet. There is, however, a lot of snow. Which is both a good and bad thing, school was canceled and I missed my english class. I love english, secretly of course, all my friends hate it, but my teacher is amazing.
Ever thought how snow covers up all the crap on the ground and makes it beautiful? ... By the looks of it school will be closed tomorrow too!

Planning an hour long walk later, through the snow, freezing though at least that burns even more calories. Maybe I'll take some pictures, in this fat ass body of mine. Slowly I'm working up the exercise I do, I'm not exactly what you would call a fan of it. ALthough I am looking for dance classes I can start, any suggestions? I used to do ballet though I'm not sure if I can start at my age...
I'll probably have to pay for it myself, and I still haven't had the chance to learn piano, such a lovely sound I'll never be able to make. But Ana's more important, and she needs me to burn calories.

At the weekend I bought myself a thinspo notebook, empty for now, but I'll change that.

Stay strong. x


  1. that's a great idea.. about the bleaching the food thing. i need to get stronger. thanks for commenting and being there for me! stay strong!

    you can do it!

  2. You can start ballet at any age ^.^
    I'm thinking of starting again, I did it at a young age too.

    I wanted to be lighter.
    128lbs is my low weight, and my goal is to be a maximum of 125 by the end of the month!
    Thanks for the comment (:


  3. Of course you can start ballet!
    You should play the piano too, because although it doesn't burn calories, it would make you feel less anxious, and would probably help you on not eating so much!

  4. Thinsp notebook = AWESOME idea
    i turn to mine every time i'm feeling week
    i can look through and read it or write :]
    i think you might have alot of fun in a jazz or hip/hop class? my sister was in one and she absolutely loved it! i'm too uncoordinated to dance (ha ha!) but i dont mind working out so its alright :]
    stay strong, think thin