Friday, 8 January 2010

Getting somewhere at least

Life. It is what we make it right? I've made a mess of mine and it needs sorting through, most of it at least.
As long as I have a decided limit of calories to stick to, I'm usually quite successful, because of this, yesterday went much better then expected, around 400 calories. Which means, from now on I'm only going to allow myself a certain amount of calories, the less I eat the less I need to work off.
Okay, don't hate me for saying this. There's this guy, and I think I'm into him. It's just... Well I'm going to see how things go, promise to keep you posted. I just wanted to mention it for some reason.
To occupy myself, I've decided to paint my nails, distract me from food etc. Planning to get my hair cut, it's beginning to get super long. Usually I have this idealistic view in winter to keep it long, no more my friends, it's getting short. Not short short, but short.
Has anyone ever tried the 2468 diet, apparently it's really effective and maybe it will help me to stick to my limits. I was thinking of doing it for about 2 weeks, what are your thoughts?

Think thin skinny minnie's, x


  1. Good luck with the guy! That's a good idea to limit the calorie intake so you don't have to work out a lot to burn it off!

    Good Luck!

  2. thanks for the comment! and i know exactly what you're talking about. hope all is well for you!